Parent Expectations

Dear Parent/Guardian,

            Please read the following letter in regards to expectations and rules for the Control Jiu-Jitsu kid’s class.  We would like to address our student behavior expectations. The reason for addressing this topic is we would like to have your help in achieving the best training environment possible.

A large part of martial arts is discipline.  As coaches at Control, it is our goal to teach respectful behavior and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu skills.  However, to ensure that all students have the right to participate in a respectful, safe and fun environment, here is a list of expectations for our club.


1.     Show up on time for class

2.     Listen to instructor***

3.     Focus

***If a child continues to have disrespectful behavior and is unwilling to listen, we will reserve the right to remove them from class to be seated with parent/guardian. 

Again, our goal is to strive to create a fun and competitive learning environment for all kids to grow and become better at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

Thank you,

Control Jiu-Jitsu Coaching Staff