Bodyweight Barbell


Jonathan Loper

Coach’s Bio

1.       Starting with your name, tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Jon Loper, and I am currently studying kinesiology and education at Briercrest College in Caronport, SK.  Although I live in Caronport, I grew up in the little country of Nepal for the first eleven years of my life, and I have a passion for good health and fitness.  Growing up in a medical family, with my father as a doctor and my mother as a nurse, has given me more knowledge about health than the average person, and I love helping people grow in their health and fitness goals.

2.       What sparked your personal interest in fitness?

I have always considered myself as an athlete, and I love pushing my limits in training with a desire to better myself in all aspects of life.  However, what I appreciate even more is when I can help others succeed in their goals!   

3.       What are your strengths as an athlete?

Whether it is working on a new skill or developing strength in a particular movement, the ability to focus on anything I set my mind on with a strong commitment to my training, and a desire for continuous improvement, are some of my strengths as an athlete.

4.       What sparked your personal interest in coaching?

Whether I am teaching a new skill, improving the technique and execution of specific movements, or simply listening to how someone’s day is going, I love to encourage and affirm positive qualities in other people. This desire to inspire and empower people, along with encouragement from friends and family, have influenced me to coach others. 

5.       What do you think you do really well as a coach?

I am detailed, thorough, and have a genuine love for people.  I always try to see the best in people and help them realize their potential.  These qualities help me analyze specific movements thoroughly and help me encourage people to do their very best.  

6.       How would you like your clients to feel when they finish a session with you?

I desire for my clients to leave with the satisfaction that they have done their very best on a given day – hopefully giving them increased confidence and a positive self-image in the future.  Moreover, I always encourage my clients to “train with the body they have today,” which means pushing people out of their comfort zone at times, while also recognizing that every day is not going to be spectacular. On these less than thrilling days, when clients are less motivated or have less energy, I want them to leave with the confidence that they have trained with the body they have today and have placed one more brick on the foundation of what they desire to accomplish.

7.       What is the one thing you would say to someone who is on the fence about joining our programs at Bodyweight Barbell?

If you are on the fence about joining the team, I encourage you “to hop off that fence” and join a positive, fun-filled, community of people spurring each other on to be their best! 

If the fear of failure is preventing you from joining our team – do not fear failure – but instead, learn to embrace it, because we all fail at some point and failure plays a crucial role in how we grow! As coaches, we are always there to modify programs based on your current fitness level and always do our best to coach with dignity and respect.  

Although it may be unpleasant at the time, with a little consistency, the hard work will pay off, not only giving you satisfaction after completing each training session, but also opening your eyes to new potential that you may never have thought possible! 

Credentials & Coursework

  • Kaléo Leadership Certificate

  • Bachelor Kinesiology – In progress

  • NCCP Certified – Making Ethical Decisions

  • NCCP Coaching Theory 1 and 2

  • Certified Standard First Aid and CPR Level C

  • Evolution Athletics Instructor Training Program

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • Balanced Habits Certified Food Coach

  • Certified Personal Trainer – In progress

  • Professional Nutrition Coach – In progress