**We at ControlBJJ have an open door policy and allow all other clubs/affiliates to train


Control Jiu Jitsu GYM RULES

1.    Respect yourself, others, and your facility.
2.    Pick up after yourself.
3.    Athletes only in the training area.
4.    No food allowed in the gym. Water only.
5.    Clean your training gear after every practice.
6.    Good hygiene is essential to a healthy training environment. Wash yourself after every practice using lots of soap. Please report any rashes or skin conditions to coaches for inspection. Skin infections are common in grappling and have the potential to spread very fast. Keep your finger and toe nails trimmed. Please respect your training partner’s health and well-being.
7.    No outside footwear allowed. Please remove your shoes at the door.
8.    Leave your ego at the door, Jiu Jitsu is for everyone!
9.    Our viewing area is not very large. Please limit spectators during the training sessions.
10.    Parents are responsible for their children. For your safety please do not touch any of the equipment.
11.    Spectators are expected to sit quietly to ensure an effective training environment and to further reinforce the discipline that is expected with martial arts.
12.    At all times spectators are to be respectful of the coaches and allow them to provide the training. It can be difficult to run a class with several people shouting from the viewing area. Because of this, outside coaching is discouraged.